Stockholm 02

The Skyline of Södermalm District at the Blue Hour, Stockholm, Sweden

The Södermalm Skyline at the Blue Hour

The Swedish capital Stockholm is extremely picturesque and there are many fantastic vantage points in this city. This photo was taken from the Central Bridge (Centralbron in Swedish) and shows the skyline of Södermalm district.

At first, I thought that the building on top of the hill was some small castle or a palace. But it is not anything like that, it’s just 18th century housing in the “Stockholm style”. Some houses there have these pretty turrets. I think that is the correct word for these small towers at the corners of these buildings.

This photo belongs to the very peculiar category of images, in which the dominant colours resemble the flag colours of the country where they were taken. If you have forgotten what the Swedish flag looks like, here it is:

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