Rome 01

The Colosseum and Evening Traffic in Rome, Italy

The Colosseum and Evening Traffic in Rome

The Colosseum is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Rome. It was completed in AD 80 and after nearly 2000 years, it is still the largest amphitheatre ever built. Very impressive.

Capturing a good-looking general view of this great structure is not so simple. Close-up shots are easier. But if you want to capture most of the Colosseum in the frame, there are not really many good viewpoints at the street level. You will also need an ultra-wide angle lens. And then you will also have random people in the frame, because the place always brims with tourists.

So, I decided to use light trails of the evening traffic as a compositional element. It creates an interesting foreground and it makes the composition a little more dynamic. It also hides at least some of the random people that would otherwise show up in the frame.

I am sure it is possible to capture a better shot at this amazing location. But this is the best shot that my patience allowed me to capture, as I was standing there in the brutal heat of the Italian summer. Yes, I would like to go there at least one more time and try again.

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