Prague 02

Prague Skyline with the castle and Charles Bridge at the Blue Hour, Czechia

The Golden City

To me, Prague is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Maybe even the most fascinating and the most picturesque. The Czech capital has several nicknames and one of them is “the Golden City”.

I have researched the origin of this nickname and have found several explanations:

  • the colours of the sandstone towers lit by sunlight were similar to the colour of gold
  • the emperor Rudolf II supported alchemists, whose goal was to transmute metals into gold
  • the emperor Charles IV ordered the towers of Prague Castle to be goldened.

Centuries ago, Prague Castle and Charles Bridge certainly were not illuminated but if you look at this photo you will notice that nowadays there is at least one more reason to call Prague the Golden City. At twilight the illumination colours Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and the surrounding buildings with shades of gold. Even their reflection in the Vltava river is golden. A beautiful city, isn’t it?

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