Prague 01

Charles Bridge in Prague at Dawn, Czechia

Charles Bridge at Dawn, Prague, Czechia

The Czech capital Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and Charles Bridge is in its very center. It connects the stunningly beautiful and well-preserved Old Town with Prague Castle. But because this spot is so beautiful, it is very crowded most of the time.

The only chance to capture it without random people is to get up very early and get there before the crowds arrive. But even then there will be some people, at least if the weather is ok. Therefore, it will require some patience from the photographer.

One technique to deal with unwanted, random people in photographs is taking multiple exposures of the same scene. If the unwanted people move across the frame, you can stack the pictures and mask the people. Obviously, it also requires a tripod, some patience and post-processing work, but it can save you in otherwise hopeless situations when the place is so popular that you don’t stand a chance to capture without random people in the frame.

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