Madrid 01

Madrid, Spain - Evening Traffic on Gran Vía / Calle de Alcalá

Evening Traffic on Gran Vía / Calle de Alcalá

This is the corner of Calle de Alcalá and Gran Vía in the Spanish capital Madrid. The building with the statue on the roof is called in Spanish Edificio Metrópolis, which means simply the Metropolis Building, after the company Metrópolis Seguros, which currently owns it.

Calle de Alcalá is the longest and one of the oldest streets in Madrid. In this picture you see it in the foreground.

Gran Vía is Madrid’s main entertainment street, with many theatres, cinemas and bars. It starts at the intersection with the Calle de Alcalá, in this picture between the house with the Rolex sign and the red church on the right.

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