Howth 02

Ireland's Eye (Inis Mac Neasáin) - A small island off the coast of County Dublin, near Howth, Ireland

Ireland's Eye (Inis Mac Neasáin)

Ireland’s Eye, known in Irish as Inis Mac Neasáin, is a small island off the coast of County Dublin, near Howth. The Emerald Isle is the poetic nickname of Ireland, because of the beautiful countryside where green is the dominant colour. I spent only a few days in Dublin and didn’t see much of the Irish countryside. I suppose it is the main island, known simply as Ireland, that is called the Emerald Isle. Ireland’s Eye is obviously not the main island and it is a little rocky, but look at that grass… how intense the green colour is… Green is not my favourite colour, but I cannot deny that it does look beautiful…

The Republic of Ireland national football team is called the Boys in Green, or the Green Army, because they play in green and white kits. The Northern Irish team also uses green and white kits. After my short stay in Ireland, I can understand why the Irish are so fond of green.

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