Helsinki 02

Helsinki, Finland - Illuminated Cathedral on Senate Square at Night

Helsinki Cathedral in the Dead of Night

Helsinki Cathedral is probably the most prominent landmark in the Finnish capital. It was designed in the neoclassical style by the German architect Carl Ludvig Engel and built between 1830 and 1852. When you’re in Helsinki, it is very hard to miss the cathedral because it really dominates the cityscape. It is located in Senate Square, which is in the city centre and not far from the ferry port.

The difference in brightness between the illuminated cathedral and the dark night sky was huge. Even with the best modern cameras, it is not possible to capture such dynamic range in a single frame. HDR approach is the only way in such cases. I processed three bracketed RAW frames as 32-bit HDR image in Adobe Photoshop. It took me quite a while and PS crashed a few times, but I do like the result. I had to clean up some flares coming from the lampposts. I used a graduated white balance filter in Lightroom to make the staircase look more natural. The stars are real and have not been added.

This is another of those interesting photos in which the dominant colours are the same as those in the flag of the country where they have been taken. The previous photo from Stockholm was such an image. Now it’s time for the Finnish flag. If you have forgotten what it looks like, here it is:

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