Copenhagen 02

Nyhavn at Sunrise, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nyhavn at Sunrise, Copenhagen, Denmark

The previous photo was from Stockholm, which is the most populous city in the Nordic countries. This photo is from the Danish capital Copenhagen, which is only slightly smaller than Stockholm and is ranked second among the biggest Scandinavian cities.

One of my favourite spots for photography in Copenhagen is Nyhavn. The name Nyhavn means New Harbour in Danish. “New” is relative, as the harbour itself and some of the houses date back to the 17th century. “Harbour” is also relative, as the moored wooden ships serve nowadays a mainly decorative purpose. There is a small pier where canal tours boats pick up passengers, but other than that there is no “harbour activity” going on.

These days, Nyhavn is dominated by bars and restaurants, it is full of people at all times, even in the middle of the night. In the early morning, at sunrise, the area is relatively quiet. Only occasionally you will notice some drunk people making their way home, after a busy night out… And very early morning is a great time to visit Nyhavn with a camera.

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