Ålesund 04

Alesund (Ålesund) Norway - Moonrise over Mountains near Borgundfjorden, as Seen from Mt. Aksla

Moonrise over the Mountains near Borgundfjorden, as Seen from Ålesund

I was standing on Mt. Aksla in Ålesund, photographing a spectacular sunset over the town and the Norwegian Sea. And then, at one moment, I decided to look around and when turned to the southeast, I saw this beautiful moonrise above the mountains near Borgundfjorden. Lesson learned: no matter how stunning the view, it is always worth to look around, if you’re a photographer. There might be other, less obvious, but nonetheless beautiful things for you to photograph.

Since I switched to Sony mirrorless cameras, it has become much easier to carry two camera bodies with attached lenses. I usually carry one camera with a wide-angle zoom attached, and the other body with a telezoom. This way I don’t lose time swapping lenses and the image quality is better than with one camera and a superzoom.

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