Ålesund 02

Ålesund, Norway - Evening Panorama of the Town

Evening Panorama of Ålesund as Seen from Mt. Aksla, Norway

The Norwegian town Ålesund must be one of the most picturesque towns in the whole of Scandinavia. It had been on my bucket list for a long time. The town is famous for its Art Nouveau architecture. The great fire of 1904 destroyed many wooden buildings and the town had to be rebuilt afterwards. At that time Art Nouveau, or Jugendstil, as it is called in Norway and Germany, was very popular, and it was decided that the town would be rebuilt in that style.

In this photo you see many Art Nouveau houses along the Ålesundet channel. This short channel in the center of the town separates the island of Aspøya, where most of the historic core is located, from the island of Nørvøya. I took this photo from Mt. Aksla, which is a very popular vantage point, located on the island of Nørvøya.

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